Published October 13, 2014

A Great British Housing Crisis

A generation is priced out of the housing market. So why doesn't the UK build more affordable homes?

<p data-atavist-id="at544fd5fd6ebc8"> To build affordable homes, housing associations have for years relied on two things: an annual government grant worth billions of pounds and access to land from private developers.</p> <p data-atavist-id="at544fd5fd6ec71"> Today, however, the affordable housing sector has been winded by a double punch &ndash; one thrown by the Treasury, the other by the planning system.</p> <p data-atavist-id="at544fd5fd6ebc8"> As house prices rocket and a generation is priced out, the Bureau has produced an&nbsp;interactive feature exposing the&nbsp;crisis at the heart of Britain's affordable housing delivery system.</p>